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Locals urged to check water hydrants

As summer quickly approaches, Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) is encouraging residents and local businesses to locate the water hydrant on the footpath or street closest to their residence or place of employment and check its condition.

If an emergency involving fire occurs, knowing the location and having unobstructed access to a water supply is critical to saving lives and properties.

Precious minutes can be lost during an emergency if firefighters are hindered by hidden or obstructed hydrants, especially at night.

There have been numerous incidents throughout the state where firefighters have been unable to access the nearest hydrant in an emergency due to it being poorly marked, obstructed by a parked vehicle, mud or debris, or overgrown vegetation.

Poorly maintained or unusable hydrants result in critical time being lost while firefighters clear the hydrant, or search for another hydrant to access.

FRNSW is urging communities to not let events like these happen in your street.

There are three simple steps when checking a water hydrant:

  • Find your closest water hydrant and identify its location.
  • Ensure it is clearly marked and accessible and remove any overgrown or nearby vegetation.
  • If maintenance or marking is required, report it to your local fire station, council or water authority.

FRNSW is urging local communities to ensure firefighters are not delayed from saving lives and property in your street by an unusable or inaccessible hydrant.

All hydrants should be uncovered, clearly marked and well maintained so they are ready to be used in the event of an emergency.

If you have any concerns regarding the visibility or condition of your nearest hydrant, FRNSW is urging you to contact your nearest fire station, council or water authority.