Local rowers at NSW CHS Rowing Championships

On Friday February 21 the NSW CHS Rowing Championships was held at Sydney International Regatta Centre in Penrith.

Grafton HS, South Grafton HS and Maclean HS all travelled down together to compete in the Championships against 19 other schools from across the state.

For some of the students this was the first time that they had competed on the Sydney Olympic course, which was a fantastic experience that they will never forget. All students represented the respective schools with great respect and integrity. The teamwork and support on display between all three schools was also very positive.

Notable performances included:

Grafton High girls finished 2nd in the overall girls point score;

Maclean High’s Ethan Davis and Lachlan Maxwell combined to win gold in the Championship Men’s Double Scull.

Nadia Smith and McKenna Wearing (GHS) combined to win gold in the U15 Women’s Double Scull.

North Coast Inter Regional Men’s Quad scull comprised of Ethan Davis (MHS), Lachlan Maxwell (MHS), Mikey Luxton (GHS) and Ryan Vickers (SGHS), coxed by Letitia Black (GHS) won gold in the Inter Regional Men’s Quad Scull.

A big thankyou to all the parents, coaches and teachers who supported the students and made the excursion a positive experience and a memorable 2020 CHS.

Congratulations to all students.

Results for the championships included:

Maclean HS

Gold: Ethan Davis, Lachlan Maxwell (CM 2x); Ethan Davis, Lachlan Maxwell (Open Men’s North Coast Inter Regional Quad).

Silver: Ethan Davis (CM 1x); Grace Johnson, Molly Dobbin (WU 17 2x).

Bronze: Lachlan Maxwell (CM 1x); Aimee Jeffrey, Ashley Luland (CW 2x).

Grafton HS

Gold: Nadia Smith and McKenna Wearing (U15 WU 2x); Mikey Luxton, Letitia Black (cox) (Open Men’s North Coast Inter Regional Quad).

Silver: Nadia Smith, Letitia Black, McKenna Wearing, Sophie Hinterholzl, Jackson Smith (cox) (U15 WU 4x+); Molly Dungey, Bessie Dungey, Sunnivar Gorring, Isabella Mitchell, Elanah Dunston (cox) (U16 WU 4x+).

Bronze: Molly Dungey, Bessie Dungey (U16 WU 2x); Mikey Luxton, Jackson Smith (U17 MU 2x); Nadia Smith (U15 WU 1x); Molly Dungey (U16 WU 1x); Mikey Luxton, Jackson Smith, Tom Cormick, Lee Morris, Jamaica Yager (cox) (U17 MU 4x+).

South Grafton HS

Gold: Ryan Vickers (Open Men’s North Coast Inter Regional Quad).

Maclean HS team: Ruby Chamberlain, Ethan Davis, Molly Dobbin, Cody Hamel, Aimee Jeffery, Grace Johnson, Ashley Luland, Lachlan Maxwell and Rene San Andres.

Grafton HS team: Nadia Smith, McKenna Wearing, Molly Dungey, Bessie Dungey, Jamaica Yager, Letitia Black, Sunnivar Gorring, Elanah Dunston, Sophie Hinterholzl, Isabella Mitchell, Jackson Smith, Mikey Luxton, Lee Morris & Tom Cormick.

South Grafton HS team: Ryan Vickers.

Staff: Miss Candice Jagoe (MHS), Mrs Nicole Smith (MHS), Mr Adam Dewberry (GHS), Mr Scott Smith (GHS) and Miss Jo Tarrant (GHS).