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Local princesses join their library for a special storytime

Clarence Regional library is sponsoring Jacaranda Princess nominee Letisha Stevenson for 2019.

Letisha is a strong library supporter and it’s an exciting time for both her and the library. As part of the sponsorship Grafton library is running a special Princess Storytime during the school holidays with Letisha and other Junior Jacaranda Queen candidates at 10:30am on Thursday October 3. 

Letisha is a regular at her library and so the sponsorship is a very meaningful opportunity. “I joined the library when I was very young”, says Letisha. “I come here almost every day so when I was asked to consider a sponsor I immediately thought of the library. It’s a fun place. My favourite thing to do at the library is to browse through the books. I can look at new types of books and if I see one that interests me then I’ve got myself a good new read!”

Princess storytime allows pre-school children and their families or carers to enjoy an hour exploring stories, songs, and craft. Storytime is a weekly offering at all of the Clarence Regional Libraries but occasionally a library will do something extra special.

At Princess storytime the librarians and Junior Jacaranda Queens will be performing ‘The Princess and the Pea’ and reading ‘The Paperbag Princess’. There’ll be songs as well as paperdoll making and facepainting. All are welcome and are encouraged to dress as princes or princesses. “I’m looking forward to the journey of a Jacaranda Princess because I’ll meet a lot of new people and make new experiences”, says Letisha. All of us at the library look forward to supporting her on that journey.