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Local members present hospital petition to Country Labor Conference

Christine Robertson and Graeme East of the Lower Clarence Branch of Country Labor presented a petition from members of the Lower Clarence community to Ryan Park MP Shadow Minister for Health and The Hon Adam Searle MLC Duty MLC for the Clarence Electorate at Country Labor Conference in Singleton on the weekend.

Both Ryan Park and Adam Searle will be presenting this petition in their respective Parliamentary Houses. The petition calls on the Minister for Health and the State Treasurer to supply the funds required to increase the nursing hours at Maclean Hospital without reconfiguring the beds and staffing at the hospital.

The issue at Maclean Hospital was addressed at the conference by both Christine Robertson who moved the health report at the conference and the HSU representative at the conference.

Along with the rest of the Lower Clarence community the Lower Clarence Branch of Country Labor wants election promises funded not the individual hospitals to deliver the promises within existing budgets.