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Local clinic can wax away your problem

Accent Hearing is proud to be the first Audiology Clinic to offer micro-suction earwax removal in the Clarence Valley.

Audiologist Greg Butcher, a Doctor of Audiology, has been performing wax micro-suction for just over 12 months at the Grafton Clinic.

The procedure usually takes between a couple of minutes to half an hour, depending on the severity of the build-up.

Unlike ear syringing where ear wax is flushed out without a view of the canal, during micro-suction the canal and the ear wax is viewed directly with the microscope whilst being extracted, significantly reducing the risk of perforation of the ear drum or mastoid cavity.

Micro-suction currently represents the safest and most effective means for removing ear wax.

For further information or to book an appointment, please phone 6643 4044.