North Coast

Local businesses invited to help Coraki school go green

The NSW Government have opened tenders for the ‘greenification’ of Coraki Primary School and local small businesses are in prime position to win the contracts, according to Clarence Nationals MP Chris Gulaptis.

“Coraki is part of a handful of public schools in regional NSW to win the right to join the NSW Government’s new Schools Renewable Energy Infrastructure Pilot Project, for which tenders have just been opened,” Mr Gulaptis said.

“The contract includes the supply and installation of tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of solar panels and batteries so Coraki School can generate clean green electricity for the local community as part of the State’s march towards a zero carbon future.”

Mr Gulaptis said the pilot project will test the benefits and costs of the large-scale implementation of solar systems and batteries in order to reduce the State’s reliance on carbon intensive electricity production.

“If this works, and there is no reason to think it won’t, it could be replicated across many of the other 2,200 public schools in NSW,” Mr Gulaptis said.

Minister for Education, the Nationals’ Sarah Mitchell, said the potential of the Schools Renewable Energy Infrastructure Pilot Project was limitless. 

“NSW public schools have a combined roof space of 8 million square meters. That is almost 2,000 football fields’ worth of space ready for clean power generation,” Ms Mitchell said.  

“By producing solar energy, schools will benefit from lower energy bills, and batteries will store any excess solar energy for later use or it can be sold to the energy grid.  They’ll also save an average of $300,000 in power bills.”