Peter Waters (right) with Lismore Club Captain Fay Ross. Image: Contributed

Lismore Golf Croquet Carnival

Lismore Croquet Club held a Golf Croquet Carnival over four days from October 31 to November 3 and 26 players came from far and wide.

Hoops were hard fought and very competitive but off the lawns the atmosphere was one of friendship and conviviality. Between games, throughout the four days, players were fortified with a wide range of home cooked goodies provided and served up by Lismore Club members. The weather, apart from the intermittent gusty winds, was near perfect for croquet. On day two there was great expectation for rain in our drought affected region, but unfortunately only a sprinkle eventuated.

The Carnival programme included two doubles blocks and three blocks of singles played in a round robin fashion. Each day commenced with doubles play followed by the singles. On day four the winners of the doubles blocks played off, but there were no play offs for the singles blocks.

David Scott (Ballina Cherry Street Club) and Peter Waters (Urunga Club) won the doubles final in a very close, exciting game which seesawed hoop for hoop until the game was timed out with a score of 6/5. Runners up were Deborah Matten (Lismore) and Wendy Forbes (Urunga).

Phyllis Waters