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Lions Riverland Travel – Australia Day Billy Cart Derby



The following are the details of the Maclean Lions Club Riverland Travel – Australia Day Billy Cart Derby.
• Our sponsor is Riverland Travel of River Street, Maclean.
• The event has been running for 7 or 8 years and is the peak Australia Day activity in Maclean. Lions will be cooking bacon and egg rolls and a sausage sizzle. Tea, coffee and drinks will also be available.
• The event is held at the Maclean Showgrounds down the big hill.
• Registration is from 8am and Scrutineering of carts is from 9am. Racing starts at 10am.
• There are three age groups: 8 – 11 years, 12 – 16 years Open 17 plus.
There are two classes of carts:
a. Soap Box Class: maximum of 300mm wheel diameter. Some form of steering, no dangerous or sharp protrusions and they must have some form of braking. Maximum wheel width 1.2 metres. Maximum wheel base 2.1 metres.
b. Open Class: no sharp or dangerous protrusions and must have some form of steering and braking. Maximum wheel width 1.2 metres and maximum wheel base 2.1 metres.
c. All carts must have four (4) wheels.
1. All drivers must wear a motor bike helmet, gloves (gloves can be riggers, cycle or other suitable glove). Long sleeve overalls or long sleeve shirt or trousers, and closed in footwear.
2. Entry fee is: $5 for juniors up to 17 years and $10 for 17 years and over. All entry fee money goes into prize money.
The Lions Club will have some carts available for those who do not have one. There is no excuse, if you want to race there will be carts available. Only proviso being you must have correct racing clothing.
This is a great family activity on Australia Day and you can be assured of some exciting racing down the big Showgrounds Hill
For further information contact Laurie Fitzpatrick (0418 431 567) or Jeff Sproal (0412 651 429).
Jeff Sproal