LEGO LEGEND’S DESIGN: The Green Thumb by Tessah

Library LEGO Challenge inspires kids (and adults) to create and connect online

Looking for ways to keep your kids entertained at home? Of course you are! Join in Library Lego Legends online challenge with Clarence Valley libraries.

Every Wednesday at midday a new LEGO challenge will be announced on Clarence Regional Library Facebook and Instagram pages.

Kids (and adults) then have a week to plan, design, build and send in photos of their Lego creations. The library will share all of the entries on social media.  

The Library LEGO Legends challenge kicked off last week with a superhero theme.

This week’s challenge is My Special Place. Kids will create and design the world or place they’d like to live in.  It could be a tree house, kingdom, outer space, under the ocean or anywhere their imagination takes them.

Share your LEGO creations by emailing photos to [email protected] or  tag #librarylegolegends on Instragram.

If you don’t have LEGO – draw a picture. We’d love to see it!

Library LEGO Legends is a program developed by Clarence Regional Libraries that gets kids and LEGO together. We’re moving it online for the time being which means anyone can join. We have a few basic rules: All our LEGO legends respect themselves and one another, they respect one another’s work, and they respect the LEGO. Let the LEGO games begin!