Let’s all Recycle Right

#RecycleRight is region wide campaign asking people to make some simple changes to their recycling routines. If we all do this, we can keep our resources coming ‘round and get the most life out of every product.

Here are some interesting facts about recycling in the Clarence Valley:

  • It is cheaper to process recyclables than send them to landfill as it avoids the State Government waste levy.
  • 25% of what ends up in the typical red bin is recyclable material that should be going into the recycling bin and being diverted from landfill.
  • Council accepts the following for free at the Grafton Regional Landfill and at the Waste Transfer Stations in Grafton and Maclean: bulk carboard, glass bottles and aluminium cans, oil, hazardous materials including paint, e-waste, gas bottles and scrap metals such as whitegoods.

Here is a quick guide to the #RecycleRight routines:

  • Keep it Simple – Only recycle household items made of plastic, glass, steel, aluminium, paper and cardboard.
  • Keep out Soft Plastics – Keep out all soft plastics including plastic bags, soft plastic packaging, cling wrap, pasta packets, bread bags, biscuit trays etc.
  • Keep out Small Items – Do not place anything smaller than a credit card into your recycling bin including bottle lids, bread tags and straws. Council can no longer accept these, even if collected together in an old milk bottle. If it’s smaller than a credit card keep it out.
  • Keep it Safe – Keep it safe for Councils Materials Recovery Facility workers and machines. Keep out anything hazardous that can harm our workers or anything that can stop or damage the machines, particularly things that can get wrapped around the machinery such as strapping, cords, clothing, hose, netting, wire, fishing line, building materials, chemicals and other hazardous materials.
  • Keep it Clean – Keep it Clean by rinsing or wiping out your containers of any food or drink. You can also Keep it Clean by keeping out items that will contaminate your recycling bin.
  • Keep it Loose – Don’t bag or box your recyclables – just place them loose into your recycling bin. Things move quickly along the conveyor belt at the Materials Recovery Facility and there is no time for staff to sort out bags or boxes.