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Less than two weeks left to have your say on the future of waste in NSW

Join almost 10,000 others and have your say on what happens to our plastic bags, takeaway containers and recycling.

Submissions are open and encouraged until Friday, May 8 on the NSW Government’s plan to tackle the use of plastics, reduce waste and pollution and increase recycling across the State. To date almost 10,000 submissions have already been received and we thank the community for their input so far.

There are two papers open for consultation:

The NSW Plastics Plan discussion paper Cleaning Up Our Act: Redirecting the Future of Plastic in NSW that outlines a clear pathway to reduce single-use, unnecessary and problematic plastics in NSW and help build our circular economy.

The plan is crucial considering in 2018-19, 60% of all littered items were made from plastic and by 2050 there will be more plastic by weight in the ocean than fish.

The community is being asked for their opinion on, “Do you support the phase out of lightweight plastic bags?” and “How can government make it easier to use less plastic?” and other questions.

The second paper is the Cleaning Up Our Act: The Future for Waste and Resource Recovery in NSW issues paper which outlines options to reduce waste and increase recycling, guides the opportunities and strategic direction for future waste and recycling infrastructure, and for growing sustainable end markets for recycled materials.

For more information on how to give feedback on the papers, visit