Legacy Week

Dear Ed,

As you are aware COVID-19 is impacting on a lot of people in the world right now, and has meant that some things have not been able to take place like they usually would, which brings me to why I am writing this.

Legacy Week is approaching and as Grafton is aware you would usually find all our legatees sitting throughout the main street, and shopping world and have some walking the business’s also.

However unfortunately this cannot happen this year, which will impact what Legacy does for the war widows & families they support.

So this year if anyone would be so generous in wanting to donate and help out in these current times they can call Grafton Legacy on 6642 2669 and speak with Denise & Bob about how to make a donation. Please remember that every cent/dollar makes a difference. Your support will be mostly appreciated.

Sjane Shoebridge (Legatee)