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learning together at Saint James’ primary school yamba

Saint James’ Primary School Yamba prepares children to take their place in the world beyond our gates. We spend time each year working with the children, parents and other stakeholders in building learning relationships which support the individual to:- realise their intelligence, grow in confidence and develop both their independence and sensitivity to the needs of others. We see ourselves as a school community where each of us acts as co-authors of the most beautiful stories ever created, the stories of life, written about every student that sits before us. Our 2016 mantra is LEARNING TOGETHER. In 2016 we have re-visioned our mission to best represent our school direction. To build relationships for learning with each child, as a professional learning community and to realise our commitment to excellence. Check out our website to see how the Stage 3 leaders have interpreted this mantra. We invite the community to “come and see” our school in action.