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LCNA finals Schedule for Saturday August 29

12pm – Gulmarrad Little Ladies v Maclean Dolphins (A Luland/T Johnson).
12pm – Iluka Bowls Club Misfits v Breakers Zebras (S Hutton/F Vesper).
1:30pm – Maclean Troublemakers v Breakers Petals (A Farlow/C Dane).
2:30pm – Maclean Bottom Pub v Breakers 1 (A Cross/G Dane).
12:00-12:15 – Gulmarrad; 12:15-12:30 – Iluka; 12:30-1:45 – Maclean; 1:45-Close – Breakers.
Ground Duty:
All Teams.
Please ensure all belongings and rubbish is removed at the end of your game.