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Lawrence Senior Pedallers’ Group complete an eventful year

The Lawrence Senior Pedallers’ Group completed a happy and eventful year with a celebratory party for members and friends. They claim that they have ridden a total of 12,367.4 kms this year (this is a combined total. If each individual attempted this distance, he would still be riding.) As well as gaining valuable exercise, the men have formed a firm friendship and have had many laughs along the way. They claim that some of their members lack navigational skills, causing them to end up on roads that are only suitable for ‘A’ grade riders, with vertical drops onto narrow bridges, perpendicular climbs and screamer tracks. One member has built up a reputation for taking regular spills from his bike, chosing not to fall onto soft mud or grass, but landing on stones and rocks and bitumen roads. In sympathy, he was presented with a cushion, complete with back strap to try to soften his landing, and a pair of trainer wheels to fit to his bike so that his falls may lessen. Thanks were expressed by the pedallers to Patricia Taber, who has provided many morning teas and refreshments for the grateful and exhausted riders.