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Lawrence ‘Paragolf’ clinic a great success



The weather was challenging, with a hot 40 degree wind, but for 16 brave golfers, the Empower Golf Clinic was hot, but successful.
Paragolf is a new innovation for disabled people, which allows them to participate in the noble sport of golf. According to James Gribble, who is a quadriplegic himself, the Paragolfer is singular all terrain special mobility device that allows disabled people the opportunity to play golf.
“Basically it lifts people from a sitting position to a standing one. By enabling an upright posture, the Para golfer allows for unrestricted shoulder movement to facilitate key movements to promote the golf swing action,” he said.
Club member Allan Sams, who is a paraplegic himself, was the first to try the new device. He has not had hit a golf ball since 1999, the date of his accident.
“When in rehabilitation back then, there was little in the way of disabled sporting activities and the Paragolfer is amazing and fills a big gap,” he said.
“Considering the length of time since I’ve had a hit, I managed a few good shots”
President Max Withnell was also excited about the development.
“We can see the concept taking off in the Northern Rivers and it would be good to think we could attract enough interest to place one or two in the region,” he said.
The Paragolf team will be promoting the device over the coming new year and hopefully we could reach a stage where all golf clubs could share one or two, which has happens in Europe.
For further information contact James Gribble on 0466 825 044 or check the website at