Lawrence croquet

Games were again played Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday of last week, with staggered starting times continuing, in order to comply with NSW Health regulations. 

Tuesday’s game was played in sunny conditions however a sneaky cold breeze blew across the courts, causing a few players to don another layer of clothing. 

Thursday and Sunday games had perfect weather, with all players enjoying the brilliant sunshine.

Tuesday highlights: Jump shots – Yvonne x 1; hoop to hoop – Janet, Carole, Joy, Heather, Esmae and Yvonne, one each. Nancy x 2; in-off – Julie and Carole one each.

Thursday highlights: hoop to hoop – Karen x 1; in-off – Jill x 1.  Congratulations Jill, as this was your first in-off.

Sunday social game had 12 players with the following outcomes:  jump shots – Lyn and Esmae one each, Ann x 2; hoop to hoop – Esmae and Lyn one each, Ann x 2.

Croquet is played each Tuesday, Thursday commencing at 9am and Sunday commencing at 8.30am, at the Lawrence Golf and Sports Club. For further information contact Carole Radford on 0427 783 330.

Robyn Venables