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In August this year 20 music students from Maclean High School took to the stage to showcase their talents, prior to sitting for their HSC. Lauren Essex opened the evening with her solo performance, “God Bless the Child”. “Music has always been a way to express myself and being able to study it in year 11 and 12 has been amazing with the help of our incredible teachers.” – Lauren Essex Image: Lynne Mowbray.

Lauren takes performing arts to the next stage

Lynne Mowbray |

Former Maclean High School student Lauren Essex will continue to chase her passion for performing arts, after being given the chance to study at one of Sydney’s premier performing arts colleges, next year.

Lauren said that for as long as she could remember she had always wanted to be a singer, dancer and actor.

“I have been dancing since I was four and according to everyone who knows me, I’ve always been a bit of a ‘drama queen’, Lauren said.

“I remember when I was about seven-years-old going to singing lessons with my friend, just to watch; that sowed the seed and from then on that’s all I wanted to do.

“From an early age, I’ve jumped at every chance to be on stage, whether it be in a school play, musical, school music night or eisteddfod.

“At the end of August (this year) I sent a video audition to ED5 International (one of Sydney’s premier Performing Arts Colleges), but never thought I would get in.

“I was extremely excited to receive an offer (from them) to study a full time Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts, next year.

“The course is over two years and I can’t wait to start learning under Directors, Elena and Mario De Cinque and William A. Forsythe, a world renowned choreographer/director.

“There are so many amazing industry teachers at ED5, so this is a huge opportunity. Ultimately I want to perform on stage in musicals and maybe even cross over into acting in film and television at some stage.
“There are so many avenues to explore at the end of college; so I will see where life takes me,” she said.
Maclean High School’s Head Teacher C.A.P.A. Matt Fisher said that Lauren has been a fantastic music and drama student, with a passion and drive for musical theatre.

“Lauren was actually one of our leading ladies in our last musical ‘Legally Blonde’, Mr Fisher said.

“The course which she has been accepted into is a highly competitive course for people wanting to enter the Musical Theatre world.

“To my knowledge, we have only had one other student (Carissa Ryan, many years ago) gain entry to the course,” he said.

Lauren said that it has been the encouragement and mentoring from all of her singing, dancing and drama teachers as well as her family, that have helped her to get where she is today.

“I can’t thank my teachers enough for their incredible sense of dedication and perseverance; they have an incredible passion that they put into their work.

“I also have to thank my amazing mum, for all her love and support through everything and the rest of my family too, who have been there for me every step of the way,” she said.