Land based

Land Based

What is it?
This is the Port of Yamba loading wharf. The wharf itself is off limits to the public but the two rock walls outside the chain wire fence can be fished.

Where is it?
Towards the entrance of the Clarence in the
Locally Owned & Operated
Driving from Iluka 11 km turn left at the Woombah coffee shop into Wharf St and follow the road to the wharf.

What fish should I target?
Bream, Flathead, Blackfish, Whiting and school Jew.

What bait should I use?
Live bait, herring, mullet fillets, prawns, yabbies.
Approx. 6 nautical miles north, northeast of Woody Head.
What fish should I target?
Predominately Trag, Snapper and Blue Spotted

What bait should I use?
Pippies, nippers and beach worms. Best baits to target Jewfish and Flathead are Beach Worms and fished on a Paternoster rig, with floating baits for Snapper in the winter months. live Herring which can be caught on a bait jig at the wharf. Black or green weed for Blackfish.