Iluka Women’s Pairs Champions 2021 Kim Mogler and Margaret Gosper. Image: Contributed.

Kim Mogler stars in Iluka Championships

The final of the Iluka Major Singles Championship for 2021 was held on June 10 between Michelle Swan and Kim Mogler.

It was a very competitive game with Kim proving herself to be a very tough adversary and emerging the victor.

Thursday, June 24 was the final of the Iluka Ladies Pairs Championship for 2021.

Kim Mogler & Margaret Gosper defeated Gillian Wakefield & Marianne Jenner. This was expected to be a well-fought and compelling game and it didn’t disappoint.

The 24th was also a celebration day with lunch at the Club’s Fig Tree Restaurant for our ladies birthday days, which is held every three months. This was celebrated by our members along with many of our winter visitors who arrive every year and are included as locals.

The poignant moment of the day was a minute’s silence for our lovely Patron Lorraine Herd, who passed away recently. She will be sorely missed.

Kim Mogler is Iluka Women’s Major Singles Champion. Image: Contributed.

Roslyn Duncan