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Kevin Hogan moves motion for a Royal Commission

Federal Member for Page Kevin Hogan has moved a motion in Parliament for a Royal Commission into the disparity between petrol prices in regional areas and the cities.

“Like the rest of our community, I am sick of petrol prices in regional and country areas, like ours, being at times 20 to 30 cents a litre higher than in the city.

“This difference cannot be explained away by transports costs or any other input cost.

“With limited transport options in the country and the longer distances we travel, high petrol prices are a huge impost on families, pensioners and small business owners.

“I also believe our local farmers and small businesses are being hurt by the big three supermarkets allegedly misusing their market power and unconscionable behaviour.

“I told Parliament that the Royal Commission should also look into the market domination of our three largest supermarkets that control 76 per cent of the industry.

“I will continue to talk with colleagues from all political parties to make sure this Royal Commission happens.”