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Keep Watch at all times


Royal Life Saving is asking your readers to be especially vigilant of children around the water this summer and to Keep Watch at all times.

Our new research shows 532 children aged four and under drowned in the past 19 years. It also shows that a child’s risk of drowning triples after their first birthday; 40 per cent of children were just one year old when they drowned.

For every fatal drowning in this age group, eight children are admitted to hospital following a non-fatal drowning.  Some will sustain life-long brain injuries.

We know summer is when young children are most at risk.  Swimming pools are the leading location for drowning among children, accounting for more than half of all deaths. 

The four things we recommend to prevent drowning are: actively supervise children around water (supervise); restrict children’s access to water (restrict); teach children water safety skills (teach); and learn how to respond in the case of an emergency (respond).

This year has been challenging for parents and carers who are juggling so much.  Around the water you can’t multitask and just check that email – actively supervising children needs your complete attention and you need to be within arm’s reach. Drowning in children is quick and silent.

Please check your pool fence and gate to make sure they are in working order.

You can get more information at

Kids can’t help themselves around water, you need to. Keep Watch.

Justin Scarr,

CEO, Royal Life Saving Society – Australia.