Image: Contributed GIMY winners Ann Dean & Kate Brims

Kate Brims & Ann Dean take GIMY at Iluka

GIMY Day (Grafton, Iluka, Maclean & Yamba), earlier postponed in March because of the rain, was played on Monday April 19 in beautiful conditions. Iluka welcomed the players from all four clubs to play a 4BBB with a shotgun start.


Winners – Kate Brims (Iluka) & Ann Dean (Iluka) 43; 1st runners up – Margaret Soloman (Yamba) & Lisa Hunt (Grafton) 42; 2nd runners up – Sandi Mayoh (Iluka) & Jo Simmons (Yamba) 39 c/b; 3rd runners up – Fay Gimenez (Yamba) & Julie White (Grafton) 39.

NTP’s: Div 1 (0-29) 1st shot 6/15 – Ann Groom (Yamba); Div 1 (0-29) 2nd shot 8/17 – Ann Groom (in the hole); Div 2 (30-45) 2nd shot 1/10 – Ann Dean (Iluka); Div 2 (30-45) 2nd shot 6/15 – Lyn Bartley (Yamba).

Ball run down: Gail Gore-Brown & Jan Patterson 39; Chris Cavallo & Jeannie Doolan 39; Merrilyn Whitton & Kathleen Apps 38; Laurice Poore & Ann Groom 38; Ellie McIntyre & Phyllis Telfer 38; Margaret Fishburne & Leigh Robertson 38.

Raffle: won by Gwen Finlayson who also won 1st and 3rd in the 100 Club.

The names of Kate Brims and Ann Dean will go on Shield and everyone is looking forward to the next GIMY Day.


Pat Shepherd