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Kangaroo shot by bow and arrow euthanased



On December 27, a member of the public reported to WIRES Clarence Valley the location of an Eastern Grey Kangaroo which had been severely wounded after being shot by a bow and arrow.
The unfortunate animal was located in paddocks in the vicinity of Bent Street, South Grafton, with an arrow protruding from under her arm, no doubt in considerable pain. Heartbreakingly, she was carrying a young joey in her pouch.
The adult kangaroo was unable to be caught to allow treatment with antibiotics, so to prevent the inevitable slow death by infection which would also have meant the death of her joey, a WIRES shooter was called in to euthanase her.
Her joey, christened Bailey, weighs only 1230 grams and will have to remain in care with WIRES for up to one year. Local WIRES Chairman Tony Bowman and Macropod Co-ordinator Sandy Webb have expressed their outrage that someone in our community would choose to use our precious native animals as target practice. Not only is this totally unacceptable it is also illegal.
It saddens the animal lovers of this world that we have in our community, individuals who intentionally inflict pain and suffering on one of our nation’s icons, they should be ashamed.
Anyone wishing to come forward with information in relation to this incident can remain anonymous. For all other injured, displaced or orphaned native animals please contact WIRES Clarence Valley on 6643 4055.