You can depend on the local team at Kangaroo Creek Recycling to provide quality customer service. Image: Contributed.

Kangaroo Creek Recycling bounding ahead with success

Emma Pritchard|

When you employ the services of Coutts Crossing based business
Kangaroo Creek Recycling, you’re not just supporting locals and
investing in your community, you’re also helping to protect and
preserve the environment, and reduce large amounts of construction
waste including concrete, bricks and tiles going to landfill.
And it’s something which makes environmental recycling consultant
Steve Coffey extremely proud.
“At Kangaroo Creek Recycling, we remove and reuse wastage that
would usually be destined for landfill, and it really is a significant
reduction,” he said.
“Essentially, we provide the community with a source to recycle
waste items, and we receive really good feedback through the work
we do.
“Recently, we were employed to attend a demolition site, and we
recycled 700 tonnes of concrete and bricks which were able to be
reused to benefit the community.”

Utilising concrete collected from work sites, as well as rural and
residential properties, Kangaroo Creek Recycling crushes and mixes it
with natural sandstone from an existing quarry they purchased last
year, to produce a variety of graded products from larger rocks to
smaller, compactable cobble, which can be used across a range of
Mr Coffey revealed the material is sent to a laboratory in Corindi
where it undergoes extensive testing to ensure it passes Roads and
Maritime Services (RMS) and Clarence Valley Council (CVC)
industry standards to enable it to be used to create road bases and as
filler material.
“It’s a much better alternative than sending it to landfill,” he said.
“By recycling, we’re also reducing the amount of land needed for
landfill, so there are many benefits.
“One of the best parts of my job is speaking with customers,
educating them, and passing on my knowledge to future generations
of the importance of recycling and how waste materials can be reused
so efficiently.”
Kangaroo Creek Recycling have trucks of all sizes from 30 tonnes,
and along with providing a reputable recycling service, they also offer
one tonne bulk bags of premium quality mulches, sand and soils,
sourced from a natural creek running through their property, to local
customers for $100 including delivery, straight to your door for clean
The business also employs upwards of 10 local workers and is proud
to contribute to the local economy.
Mr Coffey said Kangaroo Creek Recycling operates as a Covid-19
safe business and continues to service communities between Coffs
Harbour, Glen Innes and Lismore.
Kangaroo Creek Recycling is open between 7am – 4pm, Monday to
Friday, and 7am – 12pm on Saturday.
To order a bulk bag or for further inquiries, please call Brad Taylor on
0427 223 637 or the quarry at 66 074 687.

Kangaroo Creek Recycling offer communities from Coffs
Harbour, Glen Innes and Lismore a reliable source to recycle and
reuse waste products and significantly reduce landfill. Image: