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Just smile and say “cheese”… or perhaps “bone”

The team at Angourie Road Veterinary Surgery believes that every pet deserves a healthy, pain free mouth.
“Dentistry for animals goes beyond just scaling and polishing”, says Dr Karen Teasdale. “Just like in humans, the health of the mouth affects the whole body, and it’s so important when assessing the mouth to look at all the structures in there, roots of the teeth and all. The only way to do this is with dental x-rays”.
Angourie Road Veterinary Surgery is so committed to advancing the oral health of the pets of the Clarence Valley that Dr Karen is off to the World Veterinary Dental Congress next week. “It’s part of the Federation of Asian Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress of 2017 and it is so exciting”, she says of the four day international conference. “It’s an incredible opportunity to broaden my skills and learn the latest cutting edge techniques and treatments. I look forward to being able to help even more patients live without the suffering of dental disease”.
Dr Karen’s passion for dentistry and veterinary medicine in general is infectious – if you would like to know more about the latest in oral health care for your precious pooch or favourite feline, she is always willing to talk about teeth and can be contacted on 6646 9966.