Just how warm do they want the water to get?

Several more Grafton Swim Club members came out of hibernation this week but there still hasn’t been any sighting of “Barnesy” or “Smithy – just how warm do they want the water to get?

Many enquiries have been made as to what arrangements have been made with regards to our annual Christmas party and at this stage no definite decision will be made until the monthly meeting which is being held on November 17.

A sneaky little breeze took the edge off what would have been a really pleasant evening at last week’s meet but swimmers were still very keen to compete for the Stephen Donnelly Explosive Cup which is presented to the winner of the 30m freestyle sprint.

Making this final were Anne Simkus, Thomas Lancaster, Damien O’Mahony and Sharon Welch.

Even though Thomas was the backmarker he soon made up ground in this short event and crossed the black line just ahead of Sharon, but all to no avail. Timekeepers had him breaking by .29 and the same bad news greeted Sharon as she had broken by .22.

These breaks handed the win to Anne who swam a great 22.38 off a nominated 23 and second place went to Damien.

In the 50m final the qualifiers were Toni Ensbey, Geoff Simkus, Bruce Durrington and Jill Enks.

Jill and Toni were first away with a good start over the back markers, but the field bunched up fairly close by the time 40m had been covered.

Geoff touched first and Toni was not far away but a check on times had Geoff breaking by .95 and Toni by a measly .03 and just to add insult to injury it was her husband doing the timing.

Durro was the next one home and took the win with Jill taking second spot.

Andrew Madden, having his first swim in quite a while made it to the final of the B B & B along with Thomas Lancaster, Damien O’Mahony and Sharon Welch.

Now we all knew that the water was a little fresh but the speed at which Andrew covered this distance was unbelievable and he finished a good body length ahead of Sharon.

A check on times had both of them busting with Marno being awarded the win and Thomas taking second place.

Toni Ensbey