Mars Bar winner, John Armour, downs his porcelain mug of beer, much to the bewilderment of Neil Grady. What John Amour did with the porcelain mug of beer, was no reflection of his game of golf today. He made short work of the beer mug after a long hard slog out on the course. Image: Contributed

Jeffery Turner takes Iluka Veterans Stableford

Last week’s event was a single Stableford played in pristine conditions that made everyone happy. The greens are still in recovery mode after the annual maintenance, but coming along nicely and will be back to normal in a few weeks.

The day was sponsored by our own eccentric Samuel McDonald, who was not present to present his trophy because he is away in the Northern Territory barramundi fishing. We are all expecting a nice serve of Barra on his return, but fear we might be waiting in vain, very coy about his catch is our Samuel.

The winner for the day was Jeffery Turner with an excellent 41 points on countback from Bob Buzzell also on 41 points. Jeoffery Turner, our most valued treasurer and recipient of more Mars Bars than anyone, deserved the win with some excellent golf, but hiding in the shadows wanting some praise, was his ‘coach’ and playing partner, Frank Poore, who has taken young Jeffery under his wing and guides him along the journey. Normally, of course, ‘coaching’ your teammate incurs immediate disqualification for both players, however, we are fortunate that at the Iluka Golf Club we put it into the good mateship category.

NTP’s: 1 / 10 was Frank Poore; 6 / 15 was John Armour; 8 / 17 was Max Hill, back again after a short spell, great to see Max back. The Roy Ellery 3rd shot on 3 / 12 was Barry Brims who seems to have a mortgage on Roy’s trophy, well done Barry.

The Ball Rundown went to 10 players on 36 points or more, which reflects the healthy field we had playing today.

The Barry Robbie Mars Bar & Porcelain Mug went to John Armour, who got a rousing reception for his humble efforts.

Bob Wissink

Our Vets captain (left) Jim Lowe, shaking hands with Jeoffery Turner, who was very humble in accepting his winning voucher, and praised his ‘coach’ Frank Poore, for his excellent work and extreme patience throughout the day. Image: Contributed