Jane Pearson and Julie Beaumont to contest Yamba Minor Singles final this week

Sunday September 20

The Minor Singles commenced today, and it was a rather sparse field of 1 rink only as Pam Conley received a forfeit for her round – the remainder of the field receiving then byes.

The sole rink was a match between Cheryl Mazoudier and Barbara Cross with Cheryl taking the honours 25-21. Cheryl maintained the lead for most of the game and Barbara made a late dash – but to no avail.

So, it’s Cheryl who moves on – together with Pam to the next round on Sunday September 27.

Tuesday September 22

Winners for the day today were J. Coulter and R. Marchment (v) with a win over S. Lindsay and M. Stone. Also, J. Pearson, G. Davis d R. Dickson, H. Atkinson and A. Borham (v) d M. Wall, J. Scadden and one rink of Triples – S. Moore, L. Duncan, M. Abbott d M. Durante, P. Conley, J. Campbell.

Thursday September 24

Spring continues to wow us with amazing weather and 22 ladies took to the greens to soak it up.

Winners were a pairs game with K. Mason, H. Atkinson d P. Conley, C. Cole. Runners-up was a triples game – R. Moore, J. Coulter, M. Stone d J. B yd, S. Lindsay, R. Marchment (v). Also G. Freeman, L. Duncan, C. Ritale d B. Shatte, J. Pearson, M. Abbott and M. McBey, V. Beddow, A. Borham (v) d J. Stamp, M. Sakac, G. Davis.

Saturday September 26

A very windy Saturday for the bowlers today testing the skills of all players.

Results of the second round and quarter final of the Minor Singles are as follows: J. Beaumont d K. Bruchet 25-10; S. Moore d M. Durante 25-15; P. Conley d C. Mazoudier 25-18 and J. Pearson d V. Beddow in a close one – 25- 24.

The winners today move on to the semi-finals next day – except for one game to be played early between Julie Beaumont and Pam Conley due to Julie’s unavailability on Sunday. This game was played in the afternoon and it was quite a game. Pam had a very handy lead and had reached 24 looking as though the game was in the bag for her. But Julie made a late charge taking the game 25 – 24. 

Sunday September 27

The other semi-final game went ahead on a sunny Sunday and it was victory and a place in the final for Jane Pearson when she defeated Sharon Moore in a tense battle.

Scores were relatively close throughout the game with the lead see-sawing between the two players. But Jane dug in and found the necessary shots to take the lead from the 18th end – then went on to win the game 25 – 21.

It will be Jane Pearson and Julie Beaumont in the final on Tuesday September 29.

Important note for all – Tuesday October 6 we will be back to the old starting time of 9.30am.  Names in by 8am.

Consistency entries must be in by Thursday October 1 and the Club Fours are now open.

Jackpot has now recommenced but there were no lucky winners for the first day.

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