Jane Bonner continues her winning way at Yamba

A field of 50 ladies played in the Single Stableford at Yamba where a Mystery 9 holes was played in conjunction.
Sandra Wallace was A Grade winner with an excellent score of 36 with Lynne Donsworth (formerly known as Lynne MacFarlane) taking second place with 33. Jane Bonner starred once again in B Grade with 32 from Colleen Bamback 31. Winning the Mystery 9 holes comp was visitor Denise Flavell.
Balls went to 29 c/b and Sandra Wallace starred in the NTP competition when she won 3 pins: Yamba Medical Centre 3, Yamba Pro Shop 9 and The Shoe Boutique 12. Other pin winners were Phyllis Telfer – Yamba Florist 3/2, Lynne Donsworth – Yamba Fair Butchery 10 and Jane Bonner – The Block 17/2.
The 9 holes Stableford on the front nine saw Raelene Blood leading the field of 9 with 16 points. Pro balls were won by Raelene and Val Bofinger.
The card draws resulted in Maggie Julian winning the Civic Video voucher, Irene Williams – Priceline Pharmacy, Kay Caller – The Friendly Grocer, Carrie Aitken – Yamba Florist and Pauline McKinnon – Sweet & Spicy Cafe. The voucher on Wato’s Fish & Burgers raised $118 and was won by Toni Elliott. Thank you to Wato’s for their kind donation toward the voucher.
Friday saw 37 ladies play a Single Stableford with Darrie Nightingale winning A Grade 33 from Jean Whitby 31 c/b. B Grade winner was Jill L Brown also 33 from Verna Wright also 31 c/b.
Pins were won by Jill L Brown – Tom’s Chinese Restaurant 3, Jenny Dewar – Retireinvest – 3/2, Jean Whitby – Peter Campbell Physiotherapy 9/2, Carrie Aitken – Kitchen to Table 10, Irene Williams – Yamba’s Fisho 12 and Yamba Pharmacy 17/2 and Sue Scott – Wato’s Fish & Burgers 17. Balls went to scores of 29 or more.
Six ladies were attracted to the course on Saturday where, in very windy conditions, Jane Bonner’s name once again headed the list with 31 points. Runner up was Julie Campbell 29. Pauline McKinnon