Jane Anderson was pretty pleased with her Division 3 score of 44pts. Image: contributed

Jane Anderson’s fantastic Friday Div 3 win

Competition numbers continue to be very high for Yamba lady golfers. Scores verging on 40 and beyond have been common so the standard of golf being played by many of our ladies has been very commendable.

Last Wednesday, 56 ladies played, with some very impressive scores being lodged. Di Sigle came in a clear winner for Division 1. Needless to say she was thrilled with her score of 43 points. Jennifer Fagan’s return to competition golf was rewarded with a score of 39pts and runner up prize. Division 2 had some consistent high scores. Lynne Donsworth won with 39pts c/b, inching ahead of Leigh Robertson (39pts).

Maiva Burnham won Division 3 with a score of 33 points, just ahead of Prue Leggoe (32pts). The overall scores were so good that the ball rundown went to 34pts c/b.

Our previous Wednesday nine-hole winner, Angie Walpole, was our winner again last week. She even managed to improve on her score from the previous week by one point, scoring a mammoth 23 points. Congratulations Angie!

Jane Anderson had good reason to be celebrating after coming in with a fantastic score of 44 points and taking out the prize in Division 3 last Friday. With 51 ladies participating, scores continued to be healthy. Division 1 was won by Gail Gore-Brown who came in with an impressive score of 41 points Gail was followed by Val Pate (34pts c/b). Division 2 was taken out by Julie Campbell (35pts c/b) from Kim Lipscombe (35pts). With Jane Anderson the winner, it was great to see relative newcomer to 18- hole competition golf, Jo Foley, be awarded Division 3 runner up with a score of 37 points c/b.

On Saturday, the ten ladies who played dusted off their winter gear to cope with the first cool morning so far this year. Kathy Parker was the winner (35pts c/b) just ahead of Jenny Moody. Eight of the ten ladies who played scored in the thirties. Well done!

Don’t forget to put your name down early if you want to secure an early spot.

The number of ladies participating each week continues to be really pleasing. Many thanks go to you for supporting the club over recent weeks.

Leigh Robertson