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The development application to construct a 342-lot staged subdivision at Lot 104 DP 75138 on James Creek Road, James Creek, has been withdrawn. Image: contributed.

James Creek subdivision proposal withdrawn

Geoff Helisma

A development application (DA) for 342-lot staged residential subdivision at James Creek was withdrawn on December 7.

The James Creek Residents Action Group, which was formed in late November to “oppose and secure the rejection” of the proposal and “to work with Council, Developers and the Community to promote responsible and sustainable development in James Creek”, will remain proactive and “vigilant” regarding any future proposals for the site.

“We still see our role as continuing to work with the council and the developer, whomever that might be, to secure the best outcome; responsible and sustainable development for James Creek,” spokesperson Lorri Brown said.

At yesterday’s Clarence Valley Council (CVC) meeting (after the paper’s print deadline), councillors considered a request from the withdrawn DA’s applicant, Rob Donges, on behalf of owner Kahuna No. 1 Pty Ltd.

“The applicant has now requested a refund of $20,000 for unspent application fees due to the application being withdrawn,” the report to council stated.

Staff recommended refunding about 50 per cent ($11,415) of the DA fees; due to staff time already expended processing and advertising the DA.

The council’s Environment, Planning & Community director, Des Schroder, said in an emailed response: “I have no comment on James Creek; simply, the applicant withdrew the DA [and] council does not need a reason.

“Council has no indication of the future intentions from the developer but would encourage future liaison with those affected in the community if a DA is resubmitted.

“I suggest you talk to the applicant.”

The Independent’s attempts to contact the applicant were not successful.