It is a beautiful town….mostly


One of Australia’s greatest writers grew up and died in Grafton. Gillian Mears devoted much of her life to exploring and celebrating her home town. Not many country towns have been gifted like this.

Her last novel, “Foals Bread” is set within the Northern Rivers Show high jumping scene during the inter war years. The couple at the centre of the story meet and fall in love at Grafton Showgrounds.

It’s great to see the work being done to restore the beautiful Grafton Showground Barn. I applaud everyone involved.

But the actual showground ring, where all the action takes place has been ruined. It’s now Grafton Speedway. There is a giant rusty mesh cage separating the ring from the stands. The ring itself is a muddy slush pit, with no sign of what it originally was. You have to see it it to fully appreciate how ugly it is. If you drive around the centre of Grafton you can’t avoid it.

Has Clarence Valley Council tried to find a more suitable location for Grafton Speedway.

Graftonians take pride in how beautiful their town is. And it is a beautiful town. Mostly.

Luke Houlahan, Mountain View