Health & Wellbeing


Isolation is the perfect time to do the poo test!

Cancer Council NSW is encouraging all NSW residents to stay on top of their routine health checks, in particular those that are eligible for the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program. 

Australians have done the right thing and only left the house when absolutely necessary, but what we don’t want to see is a delay in the early detection of cancers. 

Our National Bowel Cancer Screening Program plays a really vital role in looking for the possible early signs of bowel cancer before it has developed or even before any symptoms emerge. We are urging eligible Australians to participate when their screening invitation or reminder letters arrive in the mail. Or, if you’ve been delaying, what better time to take your bowel screening test that’s been lying in a drawer for months? But just be sure the kit is still valid by checking the expiry date on the back of the envelope.

If you have found yourself with some free time during isolation, invest it in the most important thing right now – your health. And remember if you are experiencing any unusual symptoms that you are worried about, please contact your health professional.