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Investigatory Tribunal Report Released into Targa Tasmania

Motorsport Australia has today released the full Report and Findings into the three fatalities at Targa Tasmania in April this year, including 23 recommendations to be implemented for future tarmac rally events.
Immediately after the event Motorsport Australia established an Investigatory Tribunal to consider the circumstances of each Targa Tasmania incident, and to make recommendations to improve the safety for all participants in future events.
The Motorsport Australia Board has accepted the Report and will implement all23 recommendations made in it.
After working through a large amount of evidence, including submissions from many witnesses and experts, the Report’s findings have now been made public.
The Tribunal’s full Report, with the 23 recommendations, can be read here.
The 61-page document describes the circumstances of each incident, and an explanation for each recommendation.
The Tribunal was Chaired by Australian Institute of Motorsport Safety (AIMSS) Chair Garry Connelly AM, with Matt Selley and Neal Bates as tribunes.
Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca thanked the Tribunal members for their work, and those who contributed to the investigation through submissions or expert advice.
“Firstly, I once again pass on my condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of Shane Navin, Leigh Mundy and Dennis Neagle who tragically lost their lives in April this year,” Arocca said.
“This Tribunal has conducted a thorough and detailed examination of the circumstances surrounding two very sad incidents affecting the motorsport community.
“I also want to thank the team at Targa Australia for their contribution and co-operation for the duration of the investigation. Motorsport Australia and Targa Australia have a strong relationship and we look forward to continuing to work together.
“I am pleased to say that Motorsport Australia has committed to implementing all 23 recommendations by 1 March 2022.
“The Report has been provided to the Tasmanian Coroner, Tasmania Police and other key stakeholders.”
With the recommendations to be implemented next year, Motorsport Australia has confirmed tarmac rallies, including Targa events, will be permitted to continue prior to this date.
“Tarmac rally events will likely be held in 2021 and early 2022 subject to COVID-19 restrictions. We have implemented a stringent targeted risk assessment which each event organiser must complete before a Motorsport Australia permit will be issued.” Arocca added.
The 23 recommendations focus on key areas where safety can be improved, including, but not limited to:

Managing high terminal speeds and average speeds achieved at each event

  • Consideration of jumps and other course design features
  • Changes to address driver fatigue, skills, licencing and complacency
  • Ensuring car set ups are fit for purpose
  • The better use of technology and existing safety equipment
  • On event communications
  • Managing ‘missing’ cars during events