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Coffee Club owner Michelle Worley with her creative artwork which is drawing a lot of interest. Image: Lynne Mowbray

Inspirational artwork draws interest

A popular Grafton business is using artwork to inspire its staff and customers.

Coffee Club owner and artist Michelle Worley explained the thought behind her creative artwork, which is gaining a lot of interest.

“COVID-19 for me, is indictive of our time with the fires just before Christmas,” Michelle said.

“As a result of the fires, I created an artwork out of collected debris from the fires and organised it into an artwork which is now displayed on the wall at Coffee Club.

“It’s really about the labyrinth of life; that we’re all on a continual journey and that journey is in one direction, pretty well until we die, but along the way stuff happens.

“So the journey for the debris that I collected, could have been over, and it could have been considered a death, but being resurrected into an artwork, it’s now reformed in a shape of beauty to give people joy forever.

“I’m using that artwork in the store to reflect that journey, (a journey) that we can all do right now.

“We are in chaos, in turmoil – we’re all uncomfortable.

“But with faith inside that we are not going to die (hopefully), that we’ll be one of the lucky ones that don’t get COVID-19 – we can move forward with a new strength and new vigour for life.

“There are lots of customers coming in and just spending time in front of the artwork. Just seeing it they are drawn in, spending time to dwell, and taking photos of it – it’s really odd. But for me that is fantastic, because that’s exactly why it’s there.

“I’ve been doing artwork in the shop and displaying art works just so when people come past, they can see positive change,” she said.

Below is a copy of the signage accompanying Michelle’s artwork – ‘Fallen’.

Fallen – by Michelle Worley
This work is symbolic of the Labyrinth, a continual path indicative of the journey of life. A path with many changes in direction, but a single path non the less. So too are the fallen.
Collected while walking after November 2019 bushfires that seared through Koukandowie Valley, my buckets of fallen pieces silently screamed for a new life.
Their sheer beauty as individuals divine; their combined beauty subliminal.
The fallen
For a new life
As ‘Fallen’ Together, forever in beauty to give joy.