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Inspiration for the next generation!

Tickets were bought, a bus was boarded and anticipation was in the air as the stage was set for the 2019 Dramaworks excursion.

Tuesday September 10 saw the drama students of Maclean High School experience a whirlwind of emotions during the showcase of exemplary HSC drama performances in Byron Bay.

Accompanied by drama coordinator Ms Melissa O’Neill and her trusty sidekick Ms Erin Leeson the students were exposed to a high calibre of individual and group performances presented by the North Coast Drama collegiate.

A provocative range of pieces exploring the entire gamut of human emotions left the students laughing, shocked and at times truly moved.

For the Year 11 students, it was an excellent opportunity to be inspired as they begin their own individual performances next term.

Perhaps next year, it will be their faces glowing as the stage lights brighten.