Insects & rodents a problem?

At Yamba Pest Control we strive to offer a service where once your property is treated, you can sit back and know your place will remain bug free for a year.

Termites are a big concern in most parts of Australia. Here on the Clarence the temperature range is perfect for them. Yamba Pest Control use the latest in detection for all species of termites.

All the latest methods are deployed to rid your property of termites in a safe way.

Spiders cockroaches or ants causing an issue? We use the latest chemicals that closely targets the chosen insect. This ensures humans and pets remain safe.

Rodents are very prevalent during winter months. They find their way into the roof space for warmth and safety. The problem is they do have a habit of nibbling on wires. This can lead to fires or expensive damage to electrics.

For rodents we place bait stations in strategic places. This is guaranteed to sort the issue within a couple of days.

Having your place treated yearly is a necessity in this day and age. Along with the standard insects there are a multitude of other pests that can be dealt with during treatment. Call now to book a treatment. Ph 0409 899 516

Special rates for senior citizens.