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The Asset Protection Zone (APZ) adjacent to Wooloweyah Hall. Image: contributed.

Improvements to Wooloweyah Hall’s Asset Protection Zone

The Asset Protection Zone (APZ) adjacent to Wooloweyah Hall has been widened to help protect the community asset.

The responsibility of managing APZ around our coastal villages lies with Clarence Valley Council.
This involves slashing, mowing and general vegetation management in bushfire prone areas around villages like Wooloweyah, which is surrounded by National Park.

Clarence Valley Council’s Coordinator of Natural Resource Management Reece Luxton said following the 2019-2020 bushfire season, when the risk to the community loomed larger than ever, the maintenance of the bushfire zone has become more crucial than ever.

The Wooloweyah Hall Committee responded to the 2019 emergency by participating in a Bushfire Resilience program, which included an assessment of the hall and the potential impacts nearby vegetation may have during a bushfire.

From this assessment, they were advised to increase the current APZ to a width of 20m from the edge of the building to reduce the hazards of bushfire-prone vegetation.

 Scotts Earthworks was contracted to create an effective bushfire barrier that also makes ongoing APZ maintenance more manageable.

“These works were one of many tasks undertaken under the Bushfire Resilience Program to bring the Wooloweyah Hall up to standard,” Mr Luxton said.

“We worked with neighbouring landholders, the Wooloweyah Hall Committee and the community to ensure that the outcomes improve the protection of the hall and have a positive impact on the local community.”