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Improve your road safety skills at free workshops

Free workshops are to be held in Yamba next week to help Clarence drivers hone their road safety skills.
The workshops on Monday, May 8 are being run by ACE Community College, on behalf of Roads and Maritime Services, and are aimed at helping improve the road safety skills of older and younger drivers.
The first session, as part of the Road Safety of Older Road Users program, is focussed on helping older drivers hone their road safety skills.
Topics covered include: How vision impairment and dementia can affect our abilities as road users; developing safer driving habits; pedestrian safety; driver licensing at 75 and 85 years; and mobility scooters.
The program has been developed in response to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) which state that people aged 65 and over constitute Australia’s fastest growing age group. Seniors are invited to these free workshops which offer advice and safety tips to help people aged 65 or over make safer choices when driving, riding, walking or using a mobility scooter. The free workshops are there to offer relevant information to help those who may be experiencing changes to mobility or helping a family members plan for the future.
The second session is to help those teaching learner drivers.
The Helping Learner Drivers Become Safer Drivers workshops are designed to assist and support parents and supervisors of learner drivers fulfil this requirement. Teaching someone to drive can be a happy experience and these free two hour workshops provide supervising driver/s an opportunity to learn all the simple steps on how to teach a learner driver.
The learner driver workshops have been delivered in the Northern Region since 2001. The program was introduced to in response to the 1 July 2011 requirement for all learner licence holders to undertake 120 hours of on-road driving experience. Their experience must be recorded in the learner driver
log book and signed off by their supervising
For booking and session details, see advertisements this page.