Iluka Vets golf

Tuesday September 21 saw a medley Stableford sponsored by Bob Buzzell held, and 39 players braved some crazy weather to get back to the clubhouse after what seemed like a very long 18 holes.


Winner of the day was Gary Dennett 39; 1st r/up – Rick Furlan; 2nd r/up – Neil Grady 37.

NTP’s: 1/10 – F. Poore; 6/12 – G. Lockyer; 8/17 – J. Hurley. The Roy Ellery 3/12 – P. Ramsay.

Ball run down to 33.

The Barry Robbie Mars Bar went to Barry Beyer.

Raffle winners: Draw #1 – Stewart Hase; Draw #2 – John  Mclean. Draw of Cards: Peter Ramsay.

Have a great week.

Emma Mills