Iluka Vets golf

Tuesday September 14

Iluka Vets hosted a medley Stableford sponsored by Iluka Bakery and 45 Vets teed off in reasonable conditions, until the cool front hit mid morning.

At the end of the day Paul Maclean was declared winner on 41; r/up honours fell to Phil moye 38; 2nd r/up – Danny Mortison 37.

NTP’s: 1/10 P. Maclean, 6/12 P. Maclean, 8/17 P. Ramsay. The Roy Ellery NTP 3/12 Peter Ramsay.

Ball run down to 33. The Barry Robbie Mars Bar went to Roger Elliott.

With the easing of Covid restrictions, raffles are back. Draw #1 John Frazer; draw #2 Brian Kembrey. Draw of cards – Robert Carter.

Emma Mills