Max Hill (left) and Brian Kembrey, both sponsors for the monthly medal won by Max. It was a contentious moment when winner Max could not accept his own trophy, so he accepted Brian’s instead. What an outcome. Image: Contributed

Iluka Veterans golf

The December 3 event was a Stroke monthly medal played in wonderful conditions with a lessening smoke haze (which is a great development) and great credit to all the firefighters.

The day was sponsored by long time evergreens, Brian Kembrey and Max Hill, who both added a dash of humour to the presentations at the end.

Div 1 winner was sponsor, Max Hill, with a great nett 69, which raised a great deal of consternation about Max winning his own trophy. It was resolved that Max got the ham donated by fellow sponsor, Brian Kembrey, and not the ham donated by himself. Political correctness reigned supreme! Well done Max.

Div 2 winner was Peter Boulton, with a great nett 67. Peter is on a roll, winning last week’s ham as well. Two hams in two weeks is unprecedented as was the incident Peter had riding his bike home after last week. The winning ham broke through the plastic bag, falling under his rear wheel, Peter went topsy turvy, head over heels over the handle bars, and bounced up without a scratch. Could have been much worse and the ham was untouched as well.

NTP’s: 1 / 10 was Hugh Kirk, 6 / 15 was Paul Maclean and 8 / 17 was Jack Urquhart.

The Roy Ellery 3rd Shot on 3 / 12 went to perennial winner Danny Mortison bouncing back from his Mars Bar effort last week.

The Ball Rundown went to 10 players with a nett 71 or better reflecting a good field of players for the day.

The Barry Robbie Mars Bar & Porcelain Mug went to, Bob Wissink, who deservedly got a very loud Bronx cheer, still ringing in his hearing aids, from the good crowd staying back for the presentation. Bob reflected in silence at the low ebbs one can reach in golf and limped off to lick his wounds and knows there is now only one way forward, and that is UP!

The Iluka Golf Club in conjunction with the Iluka Woombah Rotary Club are joining together to hold a great Benefit Day for the volunteer firefighters, on Sunday December 15 from 11am to 3.30pm with free sausage sizzle, two great live bands and Christmas ham raffles. Entry is by a bucket donation and all proceeds will go directly to the local volunteer fire fighters outfits in Iluka and Woombah. So come along and support this wonderful cause and help convey our sincere thanks for all these wonderful fireies. 

Bob Wissink (right), accepting his just deserts, the Mars Bar and Porcelain Mug for coming in last… to the great delight of all present. Image: Contributed