Overall winner for the day was, Paul Maclean (right) with a great nett 64. Image: contributed

Iluka Veterans golf

Today’s event was the October monthly medal Stroke competition played in mild conditions, which was a welcome relief from the forecast day of 32 degree heat. The day was sponsored by the Yamba Caravan Centre and we thank them for their generous sponsorship.

Div 1 medal winner was Stephen Hayes with a nett 72 and Div 2 medal winner was Phillip Blackwell with a wonderful nett 65.

Overall winner for the day was Paul Maclean with a great nett 64, he just keeps on keeping on, posting one good score after another. He was not eligible for the medal having previously won a monthly medal already this year. Surely the handicapper will take a critical look at this guy’s current form. Might be a little harder for Paul next week.

Runner up in Div 1 was Jack Urquhart with a very good nett 67 and r/up in Div 2 was Vets captain, Jim Lowe with a nett 70.

NTP’s: 1 / 10 was Bob Wissink, 6 / 15 was Brian Kembrey and 8 / 17 was George Schymko. The Roy Ellery 3rd shot on 3 / 12 was John Lloyd, who has been chasing this trophy for a long time with many near misses; he was a happy Vegemite indeed.

The Ball Rundown went to only six players with a nett 72 or better.

The Barry Robbie Mars Bar went to Frank Poore who had a very uncharacteristic day, saying that he got around like a crab, going sideways all day.

It was a great fun day on the course.

Bob Wissink

The Barry Robbie Mars Bar went to Frank Poore. Image: Contributed