Iluka naturally? – Please remove the wreck


Iluka. Naturally, what do our visitors think of?

A welcoming, friendly, quiet little place with the scenic splendour of its beaches and headlands, its World Heritage rain forest and the majestic Clarence River. A place where you can always park your car and your kids can safely ride their bikes to a swim in the river.

Naturally I was disappointed a month ago to see a wrecked car, a total write-off beside Bluff Beach Road.
This sight, so out of keeping with Iluka was all the more disappointing as I had a visitor with me, a visitor whose children love their annual holiday to Iluka.

Naturally you don’t normally see a wrecked car beside the road to one of Iluka’s most popular and scenic beaches. You sometimes see a car wreck at the back end of a large city, but never in Iluka.

I quickly contacted our Council, was given a reference number and a prompt return call to the effect that the car would be removed by National Parks, once the police had finished their investigations.

The wreck is still there for Bluff Beach’s many visitors to see and naturally it’s not a good look.

You would like to think that there are enough resources allocated to ensure the wreck is removed before the coming holiday season. Otherwise you might begin to question the wisdom of any Federal government’s belief in rapid population growth without the provision of adequate infrastructure to address rapid population growth.

Perhaps the future is what you choose-at the coming election.

Harry Johnson, Iluka