Iluka ignored (again!)


As motorists drive south toward the new Harwood bridge, they would see a large billboard welcoming people to the Clarence Valley. It highlights Grafton, Maclean and Yamba as the three largest towns. That’s okay by most accounts but the point is, that sign is a kilometre after the turnoff to Iluka. Don’t we count? Aren’t we considered to be part of the valley?

Surely that sign could have been placed further north (and maybe include Iluka as the next largest town).

Still, Ilukans have become used to being ignored by Council. In the 1920’s the then Harwood Council sat on their hands and it was left to the menfolk of the town to build the main street (Charles) in Iluka. Thanks for that.

In the last few years CVC have ignored the pleas of locals demanding a public toilet in the main street of town. Visitors and bus travelers are left stranded as they search for conveniences. Directions to toilets at the bay or the beach are very confusing and quite distant.

Come on Councillors, lift your game and although we are on the outskirts of the valley there are times when we deserve to be the centre of your attention. 


Col Hennessy, Iluka