Iluka golf

Saturday June 26

Captain v President day sponsors were Captain Jim Lowe and President Sue Burgess and a medley single Stableford was played with 46 players taking sides.

Men’s winner was Jeoff Turner on 41 and for the ladies it was Ligouri Kent on 39. Runner up in men’s was Stephen Hardwick on 39, and for the ladies Ann Dean on 34.

NTP’s: men – 1/10 Stephen Millington; 6/15 Paul Munn; 8/17 Greg Woods. Ladies: 1/10 Ligs Kent; 6/15 Ligs Kent; 8/17 G. Mitchell. Ball run down to 33. I know everyone wants to know who won, Captain Jim or President Sue. Well the President reigned supreme and won the day. Congratulations to all who joined in and many thanks to all who helped run the comp.


Emma Mills