Iluka fire

Ed, Last Friday evening fire destroyed a house in Elizabeth Street, Iluka. I live four houses away from the site. I cannot express my gratitude enough to our Iluka volunteer fire brigade. It was a terrifying site – huge flames and plumes of black smoke threatening the neighbouring houses. Something I have never witnessed before. It brought home the fact that our volunteers and the fire station are an integral and important part of our community. It must be demoralising for the volunteers to have to work in such an old fire station. We have heard a new fire station is on the way. Most small rural towns have brand new stations why not Iluka? With a hot summer predicted Iluka desperately needs a new station which would be a morale boost to the volunteers and maybe would make it more appealing to new members. We need a station to be proud of and the station (shed) at present is a sorry site and may in fact put people off joining. After Friday’s fire there is no doubt in my mind how important it is for everyone to support our volunteers. Once again congratulations and thanks for possibly saving many houses from burning. Annie Dorrian, Iluka