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The illuminated jacaranda trees in See Park drew large crowds as locals and visitors marvelled at the sight. Image: Emma Pritchard

Illuminated jacarandas a sight to see

Emma Pritchard

While the 2021 Jacaranda Festival has been postponed until December 3, the spirit of the occasion continues to shine brightly, especially in See Park.

From sundown until 10:30pm between October 21 and 24, one of Grafton’s most popular recreational areas lit up the exuberance of Clarence Valley residents and visitors to the region, with a dazzling display of lights, colour, and natural beauty. 

Created as an additional attraction during the 2021 Jacaranda Festival, the blossoming jacaranda trees in See Park were stylishly illuminated to showcase their exquisite purple radiance, allowing them to be admired during the day and night.

Jacaranda Festival Vice President Desan Padayachee said the lighting up of the trees in See Park would be a wonderful attraction for the community to freely enjoy, adding the event will be organised again at future festivals.

“I really think it’s going to be something which everyone will love,” he said happily.

And he was right.

South Grafton resident Anika Graham said the light display was a great way to fully capture the colour of the jacaranda blossoms.

“It was a great idea, and what makes it even better is it allows everyone to view the trees before they lose their flowers ahead of the festival, due to its being postponed until December,” she said.

“It’s a shame they won’t be flowering during the festival, especially when the Jacaranda Queen crowning will happen, but lighting up the trees still recognises their beauty.”

8-year-old Mikaylah-Lee Jzricka from Coffs Harbour, visited See Park on October 22 with her aunt and cousins.

Describing the illuminated trees as “very pretty”, Mikaylah-Lee said she would ask her parents to recreate the magical scene in their front garden when she went home.

“They (parents) only have a couple of small shrubs and pot plants in their yard, so I don’t know if they’ll be able to make it look exactly like See Park,” her aunt Jocelyn Reid revealed.

Spectators loved seeing the jacaranda trees in See Park lit up as part of the 2021 Jacaranda Festival. Many said they are looking forward to seeing the trees illuminated again next year. Image: Emma Pritchard

“But I think lighting up all the jacaranda trees in See Park was a really cool thing to do, especially because the trees will finish flowering when the festival starts in a couple of weeks.

“It’s been a really big hit with the kids as well, and they all love having their photos taken under the trees because they love seeing the purple flowers with the lights on them.

“It’s a really beautiful sight.”

The jacaranda trees in See Park will be illuminated again from dusk until 10:30pm, between October 29 and November 8.