Hypocritical Council view on mining


I am writing to voice my dismay and disgust at the CVC’s resolution against mining in the Clarence Valley. I would like to remind the Councillors who voted for the resolution, that almost everything they do and use on a daily basis has very close links to one or more forms of mining.

All metals, synthetic materials including fabrics, solar panels, batteries, plastics, and so many other items that it would fill this entire paper to list, are products involving mining. The cars you used to get to the Council meeting are nearly 100% the result of mining. You endorse mining by using these products every minute of every day, yet you feel by opposing mining in the Clarence Valley you absolve yourself, and us in this region, from the burden that mining puts on society.

By endorsing this resolution you hypocritically push this burden onto others outside of the Clarence. The Crown (in right of the State) owns all minerals, not local councils. Almost every inch of NSW and most of Australia is a catchment for someone’s water. Obtaining mining approval in this country takes many years, exhaustive environmental studies, much associated Government imposed conditions, and millions of dollars.

You are not representing the considered view of the community in your resolution against mining. Miners cannot simply just go to another region; they mine where the minerals and resources are located. Mining provides all of us with countless benefits, supports the Australian economy, provides many many well paid Australian jobs, and is of great benefit to this country’s financial wellbeing, and our balance of trade.

Get off your high green horses and think about what you are trying to stop. We would not survive without mining. Think about that when you get your Covid jab from a plastic syringe with a steel needle. It didn’t come from a tree, it came from mining!

Robert Finch, Yamba